105.- Dynamic Chess Strategy /(Formato hessBase)

106.- Modern ideas in chess (Formato ChessBase)

107.- Zugzwang (Formato ChessBase)

108.- ABC Of Chess Middle games (Fomato ChessBase)

109.- Grandmaster Secrets Endings (Formato ChessBase)

110.- Best Short Games of  Chess (Frmato ChessBase)
111.- Rook EndGames (Formato ChessBase) 

112.- A Training Database by Petroff (Formato ChessBase)

113.- The Total Marshall (Formato ChessBase)

 114.- El blanco mueve y gana (Formato ChessBase)
115.- Discover Your Chess Strength (Formato ChessBase)

116.- Win at Chess Tactics Positions (Formato chessBase)
124.- The Scandinavian Opening (Formato ChessBase)

125.- The Quenns Gambit (Formato ChessBase)

126.- Essential Chess Endings (Formato Chessbase)

127. The Ruy Lopez - Berlin Defence (Formato Chessbase)

128.- Turning Advantage into Victory (Formato ChessBase)

130.-Squares Strategy (Formato ChessBase) 

131.-Squares Strategy (Formato ChessBase)

132.-Squares Strategy (Formato ChessBase)

133.- Chess Training Positions (Formato Chessbase)

134.- How to Combat Rare Lines as Black (Formato ChessBase)

138.- Repertoire against Veresov, Trompowsky and London (Formato ChessBase)

139.- Modern Chess Brilliancies (Formato ChessBase)

140.- New ideas in Chess (Formato ChessBase)

141.- The March of Chess Ideas  (Formato ChessBase)
142.- Middlegame Strategy: with the Carlsbad pawn structure (FormatoChessBase)

143.- The Art of Chess Analysis (Formato ChessBase)

144.- The Art of Defence in Chess (Formato ChessBase)

145.- The Mammoth Book of the World's Greatest Chess Games(Formato ChessBase)

146.- Ataques al Rey (I) (Formato ChessBase)

147.- Ataques al Rey (II) (Formato ChessBase)

148.-Beating 1 e4 e5- A repertoire for White in the Open Games (Formato ChessBase)

149.- Beating Unusual Chess Defences 1.e4 (Formato ChessBase)

153.- Beating the Frech Vol 2 (Formato ChessBase)

154.- Dangerous Weapons 1. e4 e5 (Formato ChessBase)[Everyman+2008]+-+John+Emms+&+Co.rar/file

155.- Dangerous Weapons Flank Openings (Formato ChessBase)
159.- Dangerous Weapons The Sicilian (Formato ChessBase)
 160.- Dangerous Weapons The Anti Sicilians (Formato ChessBase)
161.- Dangerous Weapons The Caro Kann (Formato ChessBase)
165.-  Lesson with a Grandmaster Volume III (Formato ChessBase)[Everyman+2015].rar/file
166.-  Dangerous Weapons The Nimzo Indian (Formato ChessBase)
167.-  Dangerous Weapons The Benoni and Benko (Formato ChessBase)
168.-  Dangerous Weapons Pirc and the Modern (Formato ChessBase)
169.-  Aaron Nimzowitsch (Formato ChessBase)
170.-  Dangerous Weapons The Dutch (Formato ChessBase)
171.-  1... b6 move by move (Formato ChessBase)
172.-  Monster Your Middlegame Planning Vol 1 (Formato ChessBase)
173.- Monster Your Middlegame Planning Vol 2 (Formato ChessBase)
174.-  Monster Your Endgame Planning Vol 1 (Formato ChessBase)
175.- Monster Your Endgame Planning Vol 2 (Formato ChessBase)
176.- The Italian Renaissance - I (Formato ChessBase)
179.- Problems (Formato ChessBase)

180.- Training with Fritz (Formato ChessBase)

181.- The Most fantastic moves ever played (Formato ChessBase) 
183.- Soviet Outcast - Grigory Levenfish (Formato ChessBase)
184.- Lakdawala C- Kramnik Move By Move (Formato ChessBase)
185.- Lapshun Yury & Conticello Nick-7 WaysTo Smash The Sicilian (Formato ChessBase)

186.- Chess Secrets Heroes Of Clasical Chess (Formato ChessBase)

187.- Chess Secrets Giants Of Ivnnovation (Formato ChessBase)
188.- Gambiteer I Repertoire for White (Formato ChessBase)
189.- Gambiteer II Repertoire for White (Formato ChessBase)
190.- Excelling At Chess Calculation (Formato ChessBase)

191.- Excelling At Combinational Play  (Formato ChessBase)

 192.- Excelling At Positional Play  (Formato ChessBase)

 193.- Excelling At Technical Chess  (Formato ChessBase)

 194.- Excelling At Chess  (Formato ChessBase)

195.- Meeting 1. d4  (Formato ChessBase)

197.- Sistema Londres (Formato ChessBase)

198.- Tactic Databank with 3500 Solved Exercises (Formato ChessBase)

199.- Techniques of positional Play (Formato ChessBase),_Valeri_Bronznik_and_Anatoli_Terekhin.rar/file

 200.- Tactics Time FEN Positions (Formato ChessBase)

201.- Viasualize (Formato ChessBase)

202.- Defend Like Petrosian (Formato ChessBase)

203.- Middle Games by Lazlo Polgar (Formato ChessBase)

204.- The Sicilian Dragon (Formato ChessBase)

205.- The Scotch Game (Formato ChessBase)

206.- Playing The Caro-Kann (Formato ChessBase),+Lars+Schandorff.rar/file

207.- The Comfort Zone (Formato ChessBase)

208.- The French Advance (Formato ChessBase)

209.- Play The Grunfeld (Formato ChessBase)

210.- The Modernized Alekhine Defense (Formato ChessBase)

211.- Your  Jumgle Guide to Unbalancing your Opponents (Formato ChessBase)

212.- Caruana´s Ruy Lopez (Formato ChessBase)'s_Ruy_Lopez,_Fabiano_Caruana,_New_In_Chess_2021_TLS.pgn/file

213.- Defending Under Pressure (Formato ChessBase),+Stephen+Hrop,+Mongoose+Press+2021-TLS.rar/file

214.- Attacking 1.- ... d5 (Formato ChessBase)

215.- The Secret Ingredient (Formato ChessBase)